Our Story

Strength in Numbers

We are a union organised for couriers and by couriers. We protect our own interests by standing together to win fair working conditions and higher rates that are long overdue in the industry. We will not stop actively campaigning until we achieve our aims.

Since it started in 2015, the IWGB Couriers and Logistics Branch has:

  • Built a network of couriers throughout the UK who push for better conditions and support each other.
  • Won campaigns for pay rises and ‘worker status’ (getting couriers rights like holiday pay and pensions).
  • Overturned terminations and suspensions.
  • Provided legal support to members and taken companies to court.

Being in the union is not just about pay rises, it is also about being part of a community of hundreds of other couriers and addressing problems that we all face together.

Union members are supported by other members, branch caseworkers, and the union legal department. The union contains a wealth of experience and skills that you can draw on to support your campaigns, and to address problems you face at work.

There are lots of ways we can address issues in the courier industry – by taking collective action like boycotts and strikes, by pursuing legal cases, or by using the union’s connections with the press and MPs to put pressure on companies.

Our Officers

Committed to improving conditions for York Couriers

Coming together from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, our skilled officers are the backbone of York IWGB. Their ideas help shape the direction of our group as it continues to develop and adapt to the changing labor landscape.

Cristian Lee Santabarbara


Jack Rhodes Bernays

Community Initiative Officer

Ryan Mason


Djamila Zerara

Welfare Officer

Ethan Bradley

Communications Officer